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Inspection workshop and Dielectric Testing for personal protection equipment


PTS Électrique offers a complete service for CERTIFICATION


Our in-house testing workshop situated in our office in Baie d'Urfé, in Montreal's West Island is here to quickly take care of you.


gants isolant

Services offered


- Inspection

- Dielectric Testing (Class 00 to 4)

- Maintenance / Repair

- Mechanical Testing

- Cleaning

- Marking

- Detailled Certificate






- Insulated Gloves

- Insulated Blanket

- Insulated Conductor Cover

- Insulated Insulator Cover

- Shunt

- Insulated Stick

- Hoist

- Capstan

- Grounding

- Insulated Platform

- Trimmer Stick



Levels of Test Offered: CLASS 00 (500 V) to CLASS 4 (36,000 V)


Speedy replacement of non conforming gloves thanks to our large inventory.






Reference table


Security equipment Inspection Type Frequency Applicable Norm
Insulated Gloves Dielectric Testing
6 months

ASTM-D120, ASTM-F496,


Insulated Stick Dielectric Testing
1 to 3 years **

ASTM-F711, ASTM-F1826,

IEEE-978 (1984), F-3121

Temporary Grounding Kits Resistance Measurement

2 years (saline environment)

3 years (normal environment)

ASTM-F855, ASTM-F2249
Shunt Dielectric Testing
1 to 3 years **
Rigid or flexible protectors Dielectric Testing
1 to 3 years **
ASTM-F712, ASTM-F478
Insulated Blanket Dielectric Testing
1 to 3 years **

** Varies depending on frequency of use


This multi-function unit is equipped with a microprocessor that controlling all functions and stages of the test procedure. The data is recorded which increases the accuracy and traceability of all tests.



Glove stamping example

Our control equipment conforms to applicable standards.